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Are you someone who is still wondering how some of the most knowledgeable and mathematics-interested students just lose interest in the studies out of nowhere? Well!! Studies were been conducted where it was found out that there were multiple reasons for losing interest in the most engaging subject "mathematics". Here are some of the reasons for the same:

Mathematics Mistakes by Students

Too much drill and practice- Students are always taught to keep solving the problems given, in the books till they get used to solving those kinds of questions. They are not getting some spices in the assignment solution where brainstorming is involved.

  • The students should get the chance and the time for self-learning. Students can come up with complex questions which help in broadening their knowledge.

  • Students only focus on those things which they like therefore if you connect mathematics with personal interest, it will make it interesting to them.

  • It should not only about numerical but also there should be a connection with the outside world where students have to do the research part as well.

Not enough differentiation- There are very few students who get engaged in the homework, but not all the students are made to fix with some classroom questions. Some of them also explore from outside the given textbook.

  • Regular textbooks can help just to an extent, but with the help of self-learning, students can discover their capability to take mathematics to the next level.

  • It is very beneficial for students to get all open-ended questions, as they can always come up with something new. Most of the time lower-ability students will come up with similar outcomes were the higher-ability students create different outcomes each time.

  • If you take the help of Assignment Help Services, then the students have new learning experience which will keep them interested, and the teachers will not have to create different sets of the problem for each student.

Not providing meaningful feedback- If the teachers keep giving the same kind of problems to the students without telling them about their performances. Then after some time, the students might be questioning why they are getting engaged in all those assignments.

  • It becomes easier if the students analyze the homework by checking up with the peers to get clarity in the assignment.

  • If the assessment is to be checked by you, then it simply means that you need to give an honest view by marking the area where work is required. You can also give some of the symbols to show which areas need what kind of improvement.

  • Also, it is very important to praise the students for their good work. It will encourage the students to do more and learn more at the same time.

Conclusion- In the above article, we have learned about the problem that kills student engagement from the studies and talked about the measures, taken for the same. There are some of the major key points involved, it was found in most of the students who were interested in math.